Candiwall Brick Slip Systems

Compatible with Any UK Brick!

Candiwall Brick Slip Systems

Developed, researched and manufactured in Portugal by Candigres, a leading brick and terra cotta manufacturer. We are delighted to offer Candiwall as part of our dedicated product portfolio.

Candiwall is an extruded polystyrene brick cladding system new to the UK, using real clay brick slips, which are fixed back to a unique carrier board. It is easy to install, lightweight and adds to the overall thermal performance of the building.


For new build or renovation, it can be easily installed to masonry, timber frame even lightweight SFS, it can also be quickly installed as a feature internal wall, without comprising on valuable floor space.


Candiwall can be used with any brick finish, colour or manufacture, giving you the widest choice available in the UK


The advantages of Candiwall Brick Slips System

Candiwall offers a huge number of advantages over existing systems;

  • Available in a range of thicknesses from 30-160mm
  •  Thermal conductivity 0.034-0.038 m2k/W
  •  British Board of Agrement certified
  •  Both 50 or 65mm brick sizes
  •  Accepts either manufactured or cut slips up to 25mm thick
  •  Works with any brick finish and manufacturer
  •  1250x600mm sheet size
  •  Unique sheet jointing system
  •  Complete “kit of parts” including adhesive, mechanical fixings and pointing compound
  •  Full technical and installation advice service

The Candiwall System

The Candiwall System is supplied by the square meter and includes:

  •  1sqm of thermal insulation board in XPS
  •  10 sleeves with steel spike or timber fixings
  •  6 kg of cementitious specific adhesive – Candiwall Adhesive

Thickness of Insulation: 25mm to 160mm

Standard panel is 600 x 1250mm.

All you need are the brick slips, and pointing mortar. Jambs and reveals and even specialist angles and solider course, can all be achieved with the Candiwall systems

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Technical and Installation Advice

For Technical and Installation Advice please contact our friendly and knowledge team – or 0131 564 0402

Or download the technical guide from our download centre here:

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Dalply Candiwall Brochure
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Candiwall Grout Safety Data Sheet
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Candiwall Installation Manual
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Candiwall Energy Table
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Candiwall Board Technical
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Candiwall Adhesive Technical
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Candiwall Adhesive Safety
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Candiwall BBA 2017
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