Fibre C Facade Panels

Glass reinforced concrete panels

Glass Reinforced Concrete Panels – Concrete with Character

Fibre C Facade Panels

Fibre C Facade Panels have been developed for use in both a building’s exterior and interior

Made from a combination of glass fibre and concrete, hence their name, Fibre C panels are an extremely durable, lightweight material that is able to withstand the extremes of the British Weather. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes including grand format, planks, baguettes or fins, this eco-friendly and completely recyclable material requires little or no maintenance and offers added security with Euroclass A1 fire resistance, the highest possible rating. Due to their unique manufacturing process, where the panels are layered with 2 layers of glass fibre mesh that run throughout the concrete, Fibre C panels measure in at just 13mm thick and weigh an average of 30kg per square metre, yet are robust enough to come with CWCT certification.

Design Potential

Fibre C is the ideal choice for architects and building contractors alike, the panels allow designers to achieve their creative aspirations as they offer on-surface printing, ornamentation cuttings or incorporating a wood grain effect surface, which makes choosing Fibre C an easy one for your buildings.

Perhaps one of the greatest features of Fibre C is their ability to be moulded and shaped to fit any special design requirements, whether that’s column casing, reveals or corners, or any other 3D shape. The Fibre C panels are UV Stable, and used as natural cladding, provide excellent solar shading whilst allowing ventilation, they are also hardwearing and graffiti resistant, making them ideal in an urban environment.

Interior use

Fibre C panels are not just an excellent choice for exterior cladding, but can also be used to complement an interior to liven an indoor space. The requirements of interior design has shifted, and the demand for functional yet individualistic living conditions has increased dramatically. With Fibre C’s incredible flexibility, interior surfaces can be clad in concrete with previously unseen results. Concrete provides a modern and pure touch to any interior design, and Fibre C panels seamlessly integrate into interior spaces to produce a warm and contemporary environment, due to the diverse range of colours and textures available. Fibre C Reider Logo

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Fibre C Facade Panels

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Brochures, Technical Documents & Certificates

Title Download
GRC – Fibre C Facade Technical Manual
  1 files      128 downloads
GRC – Fibre C norms_and_approvals
  1 files      23 downloads
GRC – Fibre C EPD-RSE-2012111-EN
  1 files      29 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Declaration_of_performance
  1 files      22 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Characteristics
  1 files      35 downloads
GRC Fibre C 3D
  1 files      59 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Panels
  1 files      58 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Öko Skin
  1 files      48 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Lookbook
  1 files      46 downloads
Fibre C Brochure
  1 files      52 downloads

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