Fibre C Colours Dimensions & Finishes

Fibre C Colours Dimensions & Finishes

Fibre C Colours Dimensions & Finishes

Unique colour choices

Fibre C is available in 10 classic colours, each with 3 different surfaces to finish, and the option to have the panels produced in RAL colours upon request.

The three surface finishes available for the Fibre C panels are sandblasted, finely sandblasted and brushed matt.

Fibre C panels are coloured differently to other colour-treated materials in that the colour is applied consistently throughout the entire panel. This ensures that the panel maintains its natural appearance from all angles, including the rear.

The colour is mixed before the production process of the panel commences, and is directly blended with the raw materials. The pigmentation used in the liquid colours are both UV and weather resistant, and also not soluble in water. This ensures the panels have a long-lasting and highly durable colour.

Due to the physical characteristics of natural concrete, there will be slight variations in colouring between production batches. It is therefore recommended to make complete orders to ensure that the colouring of the batch is cohesive, if you are looking for a uniform colour on all the panelling.

With the options of different finishes on each of the panels, Fibre C offers the possibility of achieving different colour shades by mixing panels with different finishes together on the same space. Whilst the panels will have the same colouring, the difference in finish creates the effect of different shades purely through the variation of textures on the panelling, creating a unique and interesting feel for each combination.



Fibre C Panel Sizes:

  • 1200 x 2500mm
  • 1200 x 3600mm

Panel Thicknesses:

  • 13mm

We can supply Fibre C panels in two standard lengths. However by special request, productions of 1250mm widths and up to 4m lengths are available.

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Brochures, Technical Documents & Certificates

Title Download
GRC – Fibre C Facade Technical Manual
  1 files      123 downloads
GRC – Fibre C norms_and_approvals
  1 files      23 downloads
GRC – Fibre C EPD-RSE-2012111-EN
  1 files      27 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Declaration_of_performance
  1 files      22 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Characteristics
  1 files      35 downloads
GRC Fibre C 3D
  1 files      57 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Panels
  1 files      56 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Öko Skin
  1 files      46 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Lookbook
  1 files      44 downloads
Fibre C Brochure
  1 files      52 downloads

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