Fibre C Oko Skin Plank

Glass Reinforced GRC textured concrete planks.

The Beauty of wood – The possibilities of Concrete

 Fibre C Oko Skin Textured Concrete Planks
Made from a mix of natural concrete and glass fibre, and moulded in to planks, this clever material, allows you to create a natural looking façade with a contemporary look.

The materials are completely recyclable and will make for a strong eco-profile for your design or building.

Fibre C Oko Skin textured planks are strong, yet still only 13mm thick, and are incredibly durable in the face of the elements, and, as they manufactured from glass reinforced concrete they are A1 fire resistant and are non-combustible.

Oko Skin planks, come in a range of colours and sizes to suit any design needs, is easy to install and require minimum maintenance, making them an ideal choice from individual projects such as garden studios, extensions and garages to larger project such as schools, offices and hospitals.

Oko Skin is available in 10 natural colours. Each plank is coloured differently to other colour-treated materials in that the colour is applied consistently throughout the entire plank. It is then subsequently sandblasted giving each plank a unique texture.

The colour is mixed before the production process of the panel commences, and is directly blended with the raw materials. The pigmentation used in the liquid colours are both UV and weather resistant, and also not soluble in water. This ensures the panels have a long-lasting and highly durable colour.

Each Oko Skin pack comes with both textured and smooth planks, allows you to create a façade with texture and subtle colour differences, giving you that all important contemporary look.

Due to the physical characteristics of natural concrete, there will be slight variations in colouring between production batches. It is therefore recommended to make complete orders to ensure that the colouring of the batch is cohesive, if you are looking for a uniform colour on all the panelling.

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Fibre c Oko Colours

Why Fibre C Oko Skin Planks?

A distinct advantage of Oko Skin is that they do not require any sealing after drilling or cutting making installation easier.

Fibre C Oko Skin planks are available in 3 sizes, and can easily be cut and drilled onsite.

Oko Skin Slat Size:
1800 x 125mm
1800 x 147mm
1800 x 302mm

Slat Thickness:

Click here for info on Oko Skin Installation Guide

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Brochures, Technical Documents & Certificates

Title Download
GRC – Fibre C Facade Technical Manual
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GRC – Fibre C norms_and_approvals
  1 files      21 downloads
GRC – Fibre C EPD-RSE-2012111-EN
  1 files      20 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Declaration_of_performance
  1 files      18 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Characteristics
  1 files      26 downloads
GRC Fibre C 3D
  1 files      38 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Panels
  1 files      42 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Öko Skin
  1 files      36 downloads
GRC – Fibre C Lookbook
  1 files      37 downloads
Fibre C Brochure
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