FOAMGLAS Thermal Insulation Systems

High performance, long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly insulation for the entire building envelope.

High performance, long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly insulation for the entire building envelope

FOAMGLAS Thermal Insulation Systems
FOAMGLAS – Thermal Insulation Systems

Foamglas Building

What is FOAMGLAS® Cellular Glass Insulation?

If you are looking for long-term thermal performance, which is cost effective and environmentally friendly, then the unique qualities and benefits of FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation deliver a real alternative to traditional insulation materials.

A resilient building material

Foamglas insulation is a lightweight yet rigid insulating material. The hermetically sealed glass walled cells will not allow the transmission of liquid, gas or vapour through the material. It acts as you insulation and vapour control layer (VCL) in one application.

Completely inorganic and 100% closed cell, FOAMGLAS® provides a unique combination of physical properties. This highly resilient building material withstands the most demanding conditions to be found in construction today. FOAMGLAS® has proven longevity and reliability over the lifetime of the building.

Adjustments during the manufacturing process alter the density of the cellular glass; this in turn changes the thermal conductivity. Low density materials have a lower thermal conductivity value and are used for soffits, walls and façades. Where a higher compressive strength is required, you would specify a higher density cellular glass material.

Manufacturing Process

FOAMGLAS® is manufactured primarily from minimum 60% recycled glass and abundant natural raw materials. The mix of raw materials and adjustments during the manufacturing process determine the unique combination of FOAMGLAS properties. Millions of hermetically sealed glass cells make up the cellular structure; resulting in a vapour tight, waterproof material with an extraordinary structural strength. For the building market, a range of Slab, Block and Board insulation products are available in a wide variety of types and thickness.

BREAAM, A+ Rating

BRE LogoFOAMGLAS® has now been awarded Europe’s top award for sustainability by Natureplus® and has also been assessed by BREAAM, gaining an A+ rating.

Top Award For Sustainability By Natureplus®

natureplusFOAMGLAS® is a really exciting alternative to traditional insulation products and supports our ethos of the use of renewable materials and is based on a full cradle to grave lifecycle analysis.

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Why use FOAMGLAS® Thermal Insulation?



FOAMGLAS® is waterproof because it consists of pure glass. Advantage: does not absorb any moisture and does not swell.



FOAMGLAS® is vapour-tight because it consists of hermetically sealed glass cells. Advantage: cannot soak through and already contains the vapour barrier. Constant thermal insulation value over decades. Prevents the penetration of radon.


Fire Resistant

FOAMGLAS® cannot burn because it consists of pure glass. Fire behaviour: Classification according to EN 13501: A1. Advantage: storage and processing not hazardous. No propagation of flames in the event of fire (chimney effect) in ventilation space.



FOAMGLAS® cannot rot and is pest-proof because it is inorganic. Advantage: insulation without risk, especially in the base area and the soil. No basis for nesting, breeding or seed germination.



FOAMGLAS® has high compressive strength even with long-term loads due to its cell geometry without deformation. Advantage: use of load-bearing thermal insulation without risk.


Dimensionally stable

FOAMGLAS® is dimensionally stable because glass neither shrinks nor swells. Advantage: no warping, buckling or creep. Low coefficient of expansion, nearly equal to that of steel or concrete.



FOAMGLAS® is resistant to organic solvents and acids because it consists of pure glass. Advantage: no destruction of the insulation by aggressive mediums and atmospheres.


Easy to work with

FOAMGLAS® is easy to work with because it consists of thin-walled glass cells. Advantage: with simple tools like a saw blade or hand saw, FOAMGLAS® can be cut to any desired measurement.



FOAMGLAS® is free of environmentally damaging flame-retardants and propellants, no relevant eco-toxic components. Advantage: after generations of use as thermal insulation, FOAMGLAS® can be recycled: as filler in landscaping or thermally insulating granulate. Meaningful ecological recycling through re-uses.

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