FOAMGLAS® Plus Façade System - External Wall Insulation

High performance, long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly insulation for the entire building envelope.

FOAMGLAS® Plus Façade System – External Wall Insulation

FOAMGLAS® Plus Façade System - External Wall Insulation
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Façade – Aesthetics and protection

The façade of any building is far more than its aesthetic “face” – it fulfils various functions, all of equal importance to the structure as a whole. Primarily it needs to protect the fabric of the building from the effects of weather – cold, heat and rain. It also plays a key part in sound proofing the building and providing fire protection. Thermal protection is, of course, the most essential performance. FOAMGLAS® ensures that all the demands made on an insulation material are fulfilled with a performance that remains totally effective for the lifetime of the building.

FOAMGLAS® the ultimate insulation

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is unrivalled in performance whatever the building system. Cellular glass is foamed glass and constitutes of millions of closed, gas filled glass cells, which provide superior insulation characteristics. Due to the all glass cell geometry, the “vapour-control layer” is already built-in.

FOAMGLAS® is water- and vapour-proof, which means it is totally impervious to any form of moisture. Its high compressive strength makes the insulation resistant to compression – even under permanent loading. Other outstanding physical qualities of the glass material are: non combustibility, dimensional stability (it cannot shrink or swell), it is rot-, insect-, vermin- and acid-proof (it will not support the growth of mould).

FOAMGLAS Thermal Insulation Systems

FOAMGLAS® is environmentally sound (from manufacture to disposal) and is suited for all types of façade. The thermal insulation value remains as installed, for the lifetime of the building. The importance of the insulation and its performance cannot be overstated and is the key to an effective and financially efficient façade system. BREEAM A+ Rating.

FOAMGLAS® the ideal façade solution

Materials, structures, colours and shapes: Every type of imaginative façade can be combined with FOAMGLAS® insulation. The FOAMGLAS® solution enables architect’s schemes to be realised and adds to the structural stability of the whole cladding concept.

FOAMGLAS® is compatible with all our façade systems & cladding materials.

FOAMGLAS Thermal Insulation Systems


FOAMGLAS® clear advantages

For all demands: Whatever the weathering and temperature conditions a building may be exposed to, FOAMGLAS® protects the building structure and optimises the energy needs for heating or air-conditioning.

Cost-efficiency: FOAMGLAS®-insulation systems convince the client for their durability. In many a façade rehabilitation the existent FOAMGLAS® insulation was found unchanged after 40 years of use and could be left in place.

Safety: FOAMGLAS® proves to be the “safety insulation”. This also means “fire safety”. Cellular glass insulation is classified as non-combustible to Euro Class A1 – no contribution to fire. Ideal for use in High Rise Building above 18 metres (Scottish Building Standards Technical Handbook Clause 2.7.2).

Ecology: FOAMGLAS® is ecologically sound and has no environmental health hazards. Due to its outstanding service life and overall environmental sustainability, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass is best-rated in comparative analysis of environmental product declaration.

The FOAMGLAS®-plus Façade system

  • Insulation & VCL in One
  • Air & Water Tight Insulation
  • Space Saving
  • Cost Efficient
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Non Combustible – can be installed above 18 metres
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Insect, Vermin & Chemical Resistant
  • UV Stable
  • Lifetime Thermal Performance

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