How FOAMGLAS® Plus Façade Tackles The Problem Of Heat Loss Through Thermal Bridging In The Building Envelope

The insulation envelope of any heated building should be designed and constructed to limit heat loss through thermal bridging.

With the new Scottish Building Standards coming in to force, October 2015, in particular Section 6 Energy, the need to limit heat loss through thermal bridging becomes increasingly important.

The insulation envelope of any heated building should be designed and constructed to limit heat loss through thermal bridging.

One key areas of concern is – repeating thermal bridging within building elements.

Ventilated Rainscreen cladding systems appear to be a safe solution in view of building physics. With the right choice of materials and design, the Rainscreen cladding can efficiently provide protection from the effects of weather in the long term and enable the most imaginative scheme to be realised. As a rule, thermal bridging should be avoided.

These weak points are created where mechanical fasteners for the suspension of the Rainscreen cladding have through-fix anchoring which generate additional energy loss.

FOAMGLAS Thermal Insulation Systems

In a typical façade build up heat loss can be as high as 80% due to air leaks and cold bridging as the support and fixing systems has to span the insulation zone.

The FOAMGLAS® Plus Façade System

This new concept for Rainscreen cladding support reduces thermal bridging and achieves best overall insulation values for ventilated façades. Because of the high compressive strength of FOAMGLAS® insulation, it can be adhesively bonded to the structural wall, with placement of the metal fixing claw plate to support the sub construction, the cladding is then installed in front of the insulation, a system that minimises repeating thermal bridging.

FOAMGLAS Thermal Insulation Systems




  1. Load Bearing Wall
  2. Foamglas Insulation Slabs
  3. Metal Fixing Plates (Claw)
  4. Thermal Fixing Bolt
  5. Aluminium Support Fixing system


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