NVELOPE L&T Soffits Frame System

BBA Approved Rainscreen support systems designed for architects and installers that are safe, economic and effective.

The system is an aluminium frame construction using stainless steel fixings. Due to the character of the system on site modification can be easily achieved.

NVELOPE L&T Soffits Frame System

NVELOPE L&T Soffits Frame System


Features & Benefits

An applicable drop zone (distance from floor slab to back of panel) for this application is between 120mm – 1000mm. The soffit application can be fixed to; steel frame, timber frame or concrete substrates.

Depending on; the drop down zone, wind load and panel weight some soffits will need a brace bar intermittently within the cladding support system. This brace-bar can be cut out of L rail. (Please seek advice from our technical team).

More Information

NVELOPE Soffit system is suitable for face fixed, with a maximum panel weight of 75kg/m2.

Often soffits are not insulated but if thermal bridging is an issue flat plastic isolators can be supplied to stop thermal bridging and bimetallic corrosion.

NVELOPE T rails are fixed to the bottom of the down standing L rails where panel joints occur; available in; 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 140mm face widths. L rail support for intermediate and end positions.

NVELOPE hold extensive stock of the L60-40-2.2 and T rails that they can cut in house resulting in quick delivery to site. This system can be used to create sloping soffits by special cutting to suit the angle.

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Brochures, Technical Documents & Certificates

Title Download
NV3 Installer Guide
  1 files      17 downloads
NV3 Technical Specification
  1 files      16 downloads
NV2 Installer Guide
  1 files      14 downloads
NV2 Technical Specification
  1 files      12 downloads
NV1 Installer Guide
  1 files      13 downloads
NV1 Technical Specification
  1 files      17 downloads
NVELOPE BBA Certificate
  1 files      10 downloads

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