NVELOPE NV2 Concealed Structural Bonding System (Vertical)

BBA Approved Rainscreen support systems designed for architects and installers that are safe, economic and effective.

NV2 is suitable for concealed fix cladding applications structural bond (Sika sikatack panel system). All fixed point brackets absorb both vertical dead loads.

NVELOPE NV2 Concealed Structural Bonding System (Vertical)

NVELOPE NV2 Concealed Structural Bonding System (Vertical)



NV2 is the NVELOPE system for concealed fix / structural bonding applications – vertical cladding applications.

NVELOPE ‘T’ and ‘L’ profiles are fixed using NVELOPE support brackets, fixed through a series of fixed and flexible points.

NVELOPE flexible point brackets absorb wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction.

NVELOPE fixed point brackets absorb both vertical dead loads.

NVELOPE bracket spacing is determined by cladding options such as the dimensions and weight of the facade cladding, local wind loads.


Manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys conforming to EN 573-3 (material) and EN 755 production standards.


NVELOPE brackets (V): allows adjustment between the face of the primary support to outer face of vertical profile. Thermal isolators: hard PVC isolator assembled as standard (located between the NVELOPE bracket and the primary structural support system).


British Board of Agérment (BBA) – 09/4678

NVELOPE Systems Are BBA Approved

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NV2 Back Frame System Range

NVELOPE NV2 Back Frame System (Vertical)

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Brochures, Technical Documents & Certificates

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