Timber Facade Panels

Timber Facade Panels

Timber Facade Panels

Parklex timber panels

External façade panels

With a product manufactured from natural timber the warmth and quality of wood are clearly evident. Parklex has developed a wide range of outstanding panels for external use, produced from natural wood. All go through a manufacturing process that provides the natural wood with extraordinary properties of climatic resistance and durability, making Parklex Facade ideal for use on building exteriors.

Rain, sun, cold or heat, Parklex covers building façades with natural timber, providing a guarantee of high performance and low maintenance. Don’t just settle for using wood on the inside of your building, encapsulate the structure with the natural beauty of Parklex Facade.

The quality of a building, as seen from the outside..

High Pressure Laminate panel for external applications, Parklex Facade is a high-density timber faced panel, manufactured with a core of paper fibres treated with thermosetting resins. These are compressed at a high temperature and pressure and protected by an exterior coating highly resistant to UV radiation and weathering.

Designed to perform.

Parklex Facade panels include Everlook®, a component introduced into the wood to provide outstanding life-cycle benefit in terms of colour stability, in all climatic conditions. It also allows the development of new finishes to our range of timber veneers.

Parklex Facade Range

Parklex Timber Panels are manufactured from fine timber veneers; therefore the colour and grain of different batches will exhibit natural variations. Due to the limitations of printed and online media, the finishes displayed are merely an approximation of their real colour. We therefore recommend you request a free sample from our office.

Panel Characteristics

Parklex Timber Panels are manufactured to a size of 2440 x 1220 mm and can be supplied in thicknesses from 6mm – 22mm, and can be cut to any size to suit your project, they can even be curved.

Parklex Curved Panels

The surface is smooth, a traditional Parklex finish. It reveals the simple, natural beauty of the real timber veneer from which the panel is manufactured.

Water resistant.

Parklex is successfully installed in a wide range of climatic environments throughout the world. Our extensive manufacturing experience and commitment to R & D has allowed us to develop a unique timber building material able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. In addition, our process provides timber panels for use in the aggressive environments created in and around swimming pools, spas and shower rooms.

Sun resistant.

One of the enhanced features of the new Facade panel is its high resistance to UV degradation, sunlight being the harshest natural element. As a progressive company, at Parklex we constantly thrive to deliver superior performance by way of advanced manufacturing techniques in panel production. Our materials offer the highest level of colour stability possible, whilst maintaining the beauty and variations found with natural timber.

Anti-graffiti and maintenance.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that many of the best architectural projects have their appearance marred by the random application of graffiti, often applied with cellulose based spray paints. The surface of Parklex Facade has been specifically designed to ensure the simple removal of the graffiti, without damage to the panel characteristics or appearance. In addition, Parklex Facade resists soiling by airborne pollutants, and requires a very low frequency of general cleaning. Both important factors when considering the ongoing cost of building maintenance.

Long term performance.

At Parklex we don’t settle for simply complying with the necessary regulations. We strive to produce materials which far exceed the performance requirements laid down in the European Regulation EN 438-6:2005. This norm specifies a result after Artificial Weather Conditions Resistance Tests of 3.000 hours. After extensive development, Parklex Facade has achieved a result for most finishes of more than twice the published requirement. As leaders in our field, we don’t just comply with regulations, we exceed. This is exactly what our clients expect

Installation Procedures

Correct installation is essential for Parklex Facade panels. We recommend you download the latest Parklex Technical Guide from our resources below.

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Brochures, Technical Documents & Certificates

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