Porcelain Cladding Tiles

Porcelain is used widely in the construction industry because of its exceptional properties.

Durable, tough and extremely strong – Porcelain Cladding Tiles

Porcelain Cladding & Floor Tiles

Porcelain is used widely in the construction industry for wall & floor coverings because of its exceptional properties. Durable, tough and extremely strong, it is the perfect material for creating cost effective, low-maintenance, hard-wearing surfaces.

Manufacturing porcelain tiles that have low levels of water absorption requires the use of pure clay and a selection of minerals. They are then shaped through the process of dry pressing before being fired at temperatures in excess of 1200 °C.

Fully vitrified tiles, that are stronger than natural stone, are the result. They make a very reliable, durable and attractive building material, for use in either external or internal walls and floors.

Because of these qualities, they have a number of possible building applications that other wall and floor coverings simply aren’t suited to.

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Porcelain Cladding & Floor Tiles

The Benefits Of Porcelain Panels & Tiles


Porcelain tiles do not require the use of a sealant, as they are impervious to water. Whereas natural stone can become damaged after flooding, porcelain will usually require little more than cleaning and drying. Plus, the conductive qualities of porcelain tiles make them ideal for use with under-floor heating systems.

Strong and extremely dense.

The strength and durability of porcelain makes it ideal for use on floors that frequently bear the weight of large objects. It is this durability that makes porcelain tiles perfect for external walls and driveways. Indeed, most car showrooms have tiled porcelain floors, as they have the load-bearing properties required to take the weight of modern cars.


Because porcelain tiles do not need glazing, they do not wear over time – meaning they retain their attractive appearance throughout the course their lifetime. These aesthetic benefits – along with their low-maintenance properties – make the use of porcelain hugely popular in shopping centres, airports and educational buildings. Porcelain Tiles are also ideal for applications in advanced architectural solutions such as cladding & ventilated facades.


Because porcelain tiles remain unaffected by sub-zero temperatures, they are ideal for outdoor use in and around swimming pools, on patios and a wide range of external structures.

Naturally hygienic

Porcelain’s non-porous quality means dirt and bacteria do not build up as easily as they do on most other surfaces. These natural properties of hygiene are why hospitals and professional kitchens use porcelain tiles extensively.

Resistant to the use of chemicals

The non-porous properties of porcelain mean chemicals such as acids and solvents can’t penetrate the surface and cause damage underneath. Clinics, Dentists, Sterile Laboratories and Testing Environments use porcelain for these benefits.

Friendly to the environment

The making of porcelain tiles involves the use of natural, bio-degradable materials. Because of the naturally-occurring, water-resistant properties of porcelain, potentially harmful waterproofing agents such as varnishes or resins are not required. Porcelain tiles also require no polishing agents, and unlike natural stone, no harmful gases are emitted when they are exposed to fire.

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